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Born and raised as an only child in Hawkes Bay, their father's profession as a tattooist and their mother being a stay at home mom played a big role in shaping their early interests. While their peers played sports, this artist spent most of their time drawing and playing video games, particularly on the Playstation.

Their academic success was a given, given their high reading level and math proficiency. However, their passion for art and drawing never faded.


After completing their Bachelor's in Visual Arts and Design at Ideaschool, EIT, in Napier, they moved to Auckland at the age of Twenty one. In Auckland, they found their true self and embraced their queerness. They started showcasing their artwork and selling it at local markets, such as 'The Devil's Ballroom' and 'The Cross Street Market.'


Their love for drag and makeup came soon after, and they started dressing up and joining the scene. They also take commissions for artwork, some of which have been done for well-known musicians and artists. Among them are Kita Mean, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under, Jazmin Bean's make-up line, and July Jones' artwork.

Coby is known for their haunting illustrations that reflect their love for the strange and abnormal. With a unique blend of digital and traditional methods, Coby's stylized characters are sharply exaggerated and contain grotesque elements married with soft and gentle features.

Dark and erotic themes, illustrated with bold, saturated colors, transport viewers to an other worldly experience. Coby's work is heavily influenced by horror films and cartoons.

A macabre twist on recurring themes of lust, love, and fear, and isolation, drawing towards the confrontational and provocative.


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